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Raw Dog Food vs Dry Dog Food vs Wet Dog Food

tl;dr : Dry and wet dog food are good sources, raw dog food is great but Wild Pack is even better.

Raw dog food has frequently been hailed as superior to wet and dry food when it comes to feeding your dog a healthy diet. It has many advantages such as:

  • It is packed with vital vitamins and minerals
  • Better teeth
  • Increase in energy
  • Better sh*t
  • Glosser coat

Everything your dog deserves and more!

But if your dog is stuck with commercial canned and dry grub, they might be feeling a little “ruff” because they’re missing out on the balanced diet they deserve. 

That’s where raw dog food swoops in to save the day, delivering the wholesome goodness your fur baby craves.

So, how does raw dog food fill this gap? 

Let’s explore this by looking into the differences between raw, wet and dry dog foods. 

raw vs dry vs wet dog food

What are the differences between raw, dry and wet dog food?

The levels of processing

How is dry dog food processed?

Dry dog food is also known as Kibble. It is the most common and convenient form of pet food. 

Dry dog food benefits include:

  • It’s easy to store
  • Longer shelf life
  • More affordable than raw or wet dog food

But this doesn’t imply it’s the greatest; the production quality might vary according to how baked and dried out the kibble is. 

To make kibble, the baked dough is extruded through holes that are precisely formed. After drying, the kibble is sprayed with vitamins, minerals, fats, and oils, and then packaged before the fats and oils go bad.

How is wet dog food processed? 

Wet food, often sold in cans or pouches, has a high moisture content.

The first step in making wet food is by blending the meat or protein sources. After that, a gravy made of grains, vitamins, and minerals is added. Following their combination, the food is cooked and sterilised to create the canned food. 

Wet food has a significantly higher moisture content, guaranteeing the food keeps its natural moisture content. However, it results in the breakdown of many vital nutrients.

How is raw dog food processed?

The BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet, which emphasises a raw food diet, has been increasingly popular in recent years. Experts of the raw diet claim that it is more similar to what domesticated dogs would eat in the wild. These diets typically consist of:

  • Uncooked meats
  • Bones
  • Vegetables

No ingredient is wasted during the natural raw dog food production step, all-natural nutrients are preserved during the mincing phase. The food itself is also considerably simpler to separate and store afterwards. 

The form of packaging used by Wild Pack makes it very easy to portion out food for your dog without having to use the entire bag or waste food.

How is raw dog food processed

Effect on gums and teeth

When it comes to your beloved furry friend, paying attention to their oral health is paramount. Just like humans, dogs can encounter a number of dental issues if we don’t take proper care.

Given that dogs often use their mouths to explore the world around them, issues like toothaches, receding gums, and bleeding gums can escalate into major problems.

Thankfully, there are various ways to address and prevent dental problems in dogs, from chewable toys and bones to special treats.

In the past, dry dog food was hailed as the champion for dental health due to its ability to “scrape” away plaque and tartar. 

However, recent research has debunked this myth, revealing that dry kibble can actually increase the accumulation of harmful carbohydrates on tooth surfaces.

This is where a raw food diet for your dog can make a significant difference. Raw food has a slightly abrasive texture that works wonders in maintaining your dog’s teeth and gums, surpassing both wet and dry dog food in this regard.

Amount of nutrients

When it comes to nutrients, it’s a paws-down win for raw dog food.

Due to the nature of raw dog food majority of natural ingredients used, including the meat, offal, and vegetables, preserve essential vitamins and minerals from breaking down and losing their healthful potency. These are often lost in dry and wet dog foods during the cooking process.

Raw dog food is growing in popularity among the pet food industry. Your dog’s concerns about the substances it is receiving can be solved by providing it with raw food. 

At first, feeding a raw diet could seem intimidating, but as you get into the swing of things, it’s practically as simple as feeding dry food. 

Wild Pack Raw Dog Food

What should I feed my dog?

It’s clear that you need to feed your dog Wild Pack, it is been tested on animals (they loved it!)

The ultimate decision between raw, dry, or wet dog food comes down to several factors which you need to consider. These include the following: 

  • Health: Eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet is essential to preserving excellent health.
  • Activity level: Compared to other household dogs, working and service dogs require a different diet with different caloric requirements.
  • Age and size: Puppies and adults, as well as large and small breed dogs, have different nutritional needs.
  • Food allergies: Certain proteins or components, such as eggs, corn, wheat, soy, or milk, might cause allergic reactions in some dogs.
  • Taste: In our opinion and your dog’s, dog food must taste and smell pleasant. We are confident to say that our sh*t don’t stink.

Remember that your dog’s diet should be based on their unique requirements and health considerations. Always seek professional advice from your veterinarian when making significant dietary changes for your pet.

Read our guide on how much feed your dog here.

Make Dog Food Raw Again

Raw dog food is clearly superior to its commercially available wet and dry food counterparts. 

It has a much healthier effect on a dog and it requires significantly less processing in its initial production because it doesn’t need to be cooked and hence keeps all nutrients.

Make the switch to raw dog food and watch your furry companion enjoy a healthier life.

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Tested on Animals

(They loved it.)

Badger was completely unphased by meal times before I switched him over to Wild Pack from kibble. He gets so excited now when he sees the tub, that I've had to get him a slow feeder bowl so he doesn't inhale it all in two minutes!!

Amanda & Badger
London, UK

Fantastic raw dog food! Great consistency full of all the goodness your dog needs. Handy packaging and most importantly, Freddie loves it! I would highly recommend Wild Pack to anyone who really cares for their dogs health and well being!

Daniel & Freddie
Leicester, UK

Tarka has always eaten raw but she's usually quite fussy on flavours. All six Wild Pack recipes were a big hit with her though. And as the one who dishes it out, I love it too. Far less smelly and much easier to serve than any of the other brands we've tried!

Verity & Tarka
Norfolk, UK
Better sh*t

Smaller, less smelly and more pick-uppable poos. That’s all down to improved digestion and gut health, more natural fibre sources, fewer carbohydrates and no nasty additives or preservatives.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Glossier coats

Dogs on raw diets get healthy fatty acids, improved nutrient absorption, increased hydration (due to higher moisture content) and better protein quality. So their coats are utterly fabulous.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Better digestion

Raw dog food is so much kinder to your dog’s insides. With no additives, no preservatives and fewer carbohydrates, they’ll get improved digestion and fewer tummy troubles.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Stronger immune system

When we eat sh*t and don’t get enough nutrients, we get ill. It's just the same for dogs. But when they eat raw like they’re supposed to, it’s the foundation of good health.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Bags of energy

Commercial kibble causes crashes and spikes of energy. But raw food is lighter on carbohydrates and has whole meat, bones and organs which release energy steadily, so they’re full of beans all day long.

1 2 3 4 5 6
Better breath

Improved digestion, a better balance of nutrients, fewer carbohydrates and no additives or preservatives. Goodbye dragon breath!

1 2 3 4 5 6
Can the Kibble
Six reasons to go raw...