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Our Story

It all starts with Monty.

“At the beginning of 2020, Monty charged into my life. We became a blonde and ginger double act who rocked around together, and I’m so indebted to him for enriching my life. I could write a 10,000-word dissertation on how much I love my dog, as I’m sure you could too, but that’s for another day! Right now, I want to tell you how Wild Pack came to be and why it’s genuinely revolutionary for dogs.

From early on, Monty had a constant funny tummy, farts were frequent and smelly, his skin was red raw from itching and the states of his poos was… (I will spare you, but he was in a terrible state).

One costly vet after another prescribed special food to help him heal. I remember scratching my head thinking, ‘This doesn’t look like chicken and vegetables to me’, but I pushed on regardless. All the kibble biscuits professing to be proper food only made the problem worse. One day, a friend suggested feeding him simply raw meat, veg and fruit. I thought they were mad – but I was willing to try anything to improve my best friend’s life. I then started the laborious task of making his raw food at home.

I became fixated on the total junk we’d been conditioned to feed our dogs. No wonder Montdog had problems. His food had a list of ingredients as long as your arm. So I thought the only way to avoid this was to do it myself. Within two weeks, I had a transformed pup. It was witchcraft how swift the changes were. We know that ultra-processed junk is terrible, lacks nutrients and makes us seriously sick. So why do we feed it to our dogs?

I want to share the liberation I felt with everyone when I finally cracked it, so here we are. Wild Pack is the culmination of three years’ blood, sweat and tears. The privilege of nourishing, natural whole foods shouldn’t be reserved for humans. Food is medicine, so make a pact with your pet and join the Wild Pack.”

Toff x